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There’s not a voice actor among us who hasn’t fretted over their website.  It’s considered essential for any freelancer to have some sort of presence on the web.  Some sites are incredibly fancy and tricked-out.  Some are simple yet useful.   Plenty are badly done.  Sites owned by women tend to be in fuschia or lilac.  Guys get behind blue themes.  Whatever.

Many people hire a web designer/author/developer.  WordPress is a pretty popular tool, but for a minimalist approach, there are some incredible DIY tools for creating websites.

So, I’d LOVE to say I did all the research on this topic myself, but there’s only so much of me. I already claim to be a full-time TV News Anchorman, full-time Voice Actor, AND full-time president of the only known Industry Trade Association for voice-actors.

My wife sees me sometimes.  😕

No, instead, Robert Mening did all the work on an incredible analysis of the top 10 website builder sites.  I don’t know Robert personally, but he was very courteous in approaching me after finding my blog out of nowhere.  He asked if I would repurpose his amazing findings on my blog.  I’d be crazy not to.

Most of us are tempted at some point to do our own site, and there’s nothing wrong with that at all.  I’m actually thinking about it AGAIN…just don’t tell my WordPress developer, OK?

Mening’s article from websitesetup.org is thorough, readable, fair, and uncompromising.  He lays it out in reverse direction from worst at the top to first at the bottom of the article.  It’s dated July 10th, so it passes my two-month time-minimum deadline for ANYTHING having to do with the internet or social media.  It’d be my fault anyway.  He sent me the link on July 13th.

So give it a look if you’re even CONSIDERING a new website.  This article has it all.

Thanks Robert!





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