Does Craigs + List = VoiceOver Opportunity?

by | Mar 20, 2019 | VO Jobs, Web Resources | 3 comments

Do you ever wonder about the digital heavyweights of past years that are still there, but nobody seems to talk about ’em anymore?

E-bay comes to mind.  It’s become as common as Puffs and Pennzoil.  Everyone needs it, but no one really mentions it like the huge product game-changer it once was.

Craigslist is like that.  The free online classifieds almost single-handedly destroyed newspapers’ cash flow.   Craig is still there, but is part of the accepted marketplace.  As common as credit cards.

Lately, I’ve seen a LOT of action on Craigslist for, by, and from voice actors. 

From the many keywords I’ve configured on Google Alerts, I see em ‘all:  Voice actors seeking work, clients seeking voice actors, coaches seeking VO students, producers hoping to do VO demos,  people seeking voices for every imaginable project, usually for free or pennies.  International voices, bi-lingual voices, old voices, character voices…you see it all on Craigslist.


When you think about it, all this action makes sense.  Especially from the standpoint of the voice-seeker.  Voice actors are an enigma to most.  For the uninitiated, where DOES one find a voice-actor?  Uninitiated means you have never heard of V123 or the other guys…you aren’t aware of the agency system, and you don’t want to, or are too lazy to do research on Google.  You just turn to the same place where you find used bicycles and home repairmen:  Craigslist. 

So question for you:  Have you ever posted your services on Craigslist and found a decent-paying client, or have you ever found a DECENT-PAYING VO job from an ad on Cragislist?

That’s it.  Just comment below, and let us know your story.

I’m skeptical about all this action, but I’m open to hearing about a Craigslist VO success story.  Please, let me hear a Craigslist VO success story…I guess I want to believe all that traffic I’m seeing is actually benefiting someone!




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  1. Scott Burns

    Hi Dave!

    At the risk of being judged a bad VO Talent for contributing to the race to the bottom, I’ll share my story…but only if you shadow me out and alter my voice to sound like Darth Vader.

    Good? OK.

    It’s very coincidental you bring up Craigslist as a source for VO gigs, because just LAST week a fellow voice actor friend forwarded me a Craigslist ad he thought I’d be perfect for. Mind you, I have LOOKED at CL ads in the past, but never felt their, “no pay but great for your reel” offers were very enticing.

    This ad was different though, as it paid $100.00. That could buy a nice watch!

    The specs asked for an old time 1930’s – 40’s newsreel announcer and said you could read anything, even “this ad” to audition with…so, feeling comfortable I wouldn’t get scammed I went for it.

    I tend to embellish auditions of this nature so I tinned out my voice, added music plus a film projector effect for fun and emailed it in.

    A few days later I received an response from the job poster saying they loved the audition and asked me to read their small script with a minimum of 3 takes for options. This was to be used for an independent film documentary involving a popular game played in the 1970’s.

    My experience with this job was very good. The producers were very professional, had me fill out tax forms, a non-disclosure agreement…AND best of all they payed me promptly through PayPal. (no fees either)

    Will I continue to utilize CraigsList as a source of income? Maybe if I need to buy a wristband for my tin watch. This was an experiment that happened to work out OK.

    Thank you for allowing me to share. I’m kind of digging this Darth Vader effect on my voice. Dave, I am your FAW-THER!

  2. Joan Dukore

    I got my very first VO job via Craigslist (Las Vegas). It paid $100, for a brief explanation of all the chakras to go along with a video. They hired an engineer, so I went into his studio to record. If I happen to be on Craigslist I take a peak, but most jobs pay in exposure (eye roll), so I haven’t done another since. Good for first job, but maybe not for the second.

    PS: I work for more money now.

  3. Warren Richardson

    Craigslist is legit. Just like Joan, I got my first job on Craigslist as well which landed me $150. Just like Joan (minus the NDA) I was paid promptly through PayPal. The client is a well established Documentary Producer in the Los Angeles area. It was good fun, okay pay at the time but…..Just like Joan……I get paid more now!


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