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Do You Know Craig?

Is Craigslist a viable means to find voice-over jobs?…or to post your services to get jobs? Not just any jobs…GOOD-PAYING VO jobs. Seeking your responses to my query.

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Seen These VO Lead Generators?

Should I share this stuff or not? I have not really qualified any of the sites I’m about to list, but I was struck by the possibilities all landing in my mailbox in one day.  I’ll leave it to you to do the sleuthwork, and hope you’ll get back to me... read more

How Digital Expands VO Opportunities

Let’s face it, the heyday of TV/Radio broadcasting is past.  Some of the best gigs in voiceover land are in decline because of it.  Not to sound negative…obviously plenty of us are finding work in all sorts of genres, but a case can be made for a... read more

Seeking VO Talent

A LinkedIn posting tipped me off to the following announcement from Mill-James Creative Media: Mills James is proud to announce the creation of a database which will allow our producers to search and audition voice over talent at their desktop. We would like to invite... read more

Cracking CraigsList

Newspapers hate CraigsList because it DESTROYED their classifieds (and their revenue).  Most everyone else loves CraigsList…but as a lead-generating source for voice over jobs?  Meh. Like Guru, O-Desk, Elance, and a number of other online freelance job... read more

Got Chops?

The SAG Foundation Don LaFontaine Voice Over Lab is seeking an administrator. Here’s what Lab Co-Founder and LA-based VO Pro Joe Cipriano writes on VU: Joe Cipriano Joe Cipriano 5:30pm Jan 19... read more

Convert Text Speech

David Radtke wrote an excellent article on rates, just posted on  VoiceOverXtra called “Lowballing Hurts”. I agree wholeheartedly with his argument.  But even  he admits people who lowball are often newbies who just want to get their foot in the door. ... read more

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