Social Media/Networking

Social Media networking, sometimes (in the recent old days) referred to as New Media networking....

How to make it work in your voice over business.

Social Media Bait ‘n’ Switch

Maybe we were just all kidding ourselves. Maybe “free” social media was never really free. Here’s why — to get noticed — it’s gonna start costing.

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Define BROADcast

…and to do that, think outside the traditional knee-jerk use of the word…’cause that’s changing. For instance, does a “broadcast facility”need to be a 2-acre building with offices, a huge studio, engineering, promotions, a control... read more

Social Media Marketing Results on WoVOChat

That was fun! For an hour and then some, voice-actors wound up Twitter, and let ‘er rip today with a TweetChat on the topic of Social Media Marketing for VO. And the best thing is:  it’s all been saved for posterity thanks to our moderator and also today,... read more

#WoVO Chat Today: Social Media Marketing for Voice Actors

This is the Rave new world we live in.  Social Media can neither be 100% dependable as a marketing plan, nor can it be totally ignored. There are some reliable methods and techniques emerging in this realm that you can learn and use.  Those of us who have been... read more

Ya Gotta Draw the Line Somewhere

#1 Question I get from people at VO Social Media seminars: “When do you sleep?” What they really mean is…”I don’t have enough time in the day to be present on all those social media sites, and do it justice.  How do you do that?” To... read more

Best/Worst Times to Post to Social Media

You’ve seen these infographics or charts before, but doggone it…they keep changing! So, here’s the latest — and it was compiled by someone I trust implicitly — my own virtual assistant.  The data was collected for someone else, but she... read more

Groups are Gold

There is a point of diminishing returns in creating meaningful relationships whenever you become part of a population that’s too big. For that reason, FaceBook Groups and Google Communities, and Twitter Lists, and LinkedIn Groups are where the real action is.... read more

Seminar Excerpt: CourVOisier on Social Media

Everybody’s favorite voice over business coach, and prolific YouTube trainer — Bill DeWees — is finally getting out ‘n’ about. Bill and I are both introverts.  Seriously.   And besides being uncomfortable in the limelight, Bill is just... read more

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