#WoVO Chat Today: Social Media Marketing for Voice Actors

by | May 5, 2015 | Social Media/Networking, WoVOChat

wovochat-socialmediaThis is the Rave new world we live in.  Social Media can neither be 100% dependable as a marketing plan, nor can it be totally ignored.

There are some reliable methods and techniques emerging in this realm that you can learn and use.  Those of us who have been hammering away at this can help.

Anne Ganguzza, Derek Chappell, Pamela Muldoon, and yours truly will be rockin’ the TweetChat circuits Wednesday, 5-6-15 at noon Pacific time on just this very topic.  Pamela is fresh-off a WoVOCon session on LinkedIn, and has some insights there.  Derek, myself, and Anne are prepared to share what we know and answer questions on the other social media platforms. What works, and what doesn’t.  Etiquette. Trends. Solutions. Ideas.  All of it geared to voice-actors and their unique needs.

Join in!  The conversation invariably veers far and wide into the planned and the unplanned topics, and the resulting stream of consciousness is gold.  Pure gold.

For questions we hope to cover, and more on how to join in, see Monday’s Blog.

Noon.  Be there.




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