Wednesday WoVOChat: Social Media Marketing

by | May 3, 2015 | VO SociaMedia, WoVOChat

social-networking_110003873-012814-int‘Giving plenty of notice on this one, ’cause you’ll want to be there…especially if you’ve ever found yourself saying:  “I don’t get Twitter.”  –or–  “How do I find leads on LinkedIn?”

Interestingly, we’ll be using a successful social media community-making exercise (the Tweetchat) do discuss this topic (as we do every other week).

In the last WoVOChat during our discussion on marketing we of course brushed up against this topic.  Now we’re back to give it full treatment, although it’s ludicrous to think it can be covered in one hour.  After all, Social Media is a GIANT  world of information that is neither well-defined, nor static. 

But we’ll be discussing specifically what works in the realm of voice-acting.  We’ll be covering FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and some general concepts that will serve you well. 

As usual, able WoVO pro member and content marketing specialist Pamela Muldoon will be acting as our moderator.  I’ll tag along as host, and our guests are Derek Chappell and Anne Ganguzza.   As we prepared for this topic, though, we realized we ALL had something to contribute to this conversation, so all four of us will be answering some questions and offering some thoughts in this realm.

You know how this works by now, right?  On your Hootsuite or Tweetdeck, just establish a search column for the hashtag #wovochat.  Even better, we find that the sites or work fabulously well for this type of meeting.

Do that at noon Pacific time this coming Wednesday, May 6th 2015…and no doubt you’ll be seeing a lot of your VO peers there to share along with you.

NOTE:  WoVOChat, a twice-a-month event for the discussion of trending voice over topics, is sponsored by the only Industry Trade Association for voice actors: World-Voices Organization, and is free to anyone to attend.

Here are some of the topical questions we’ll be posing (and hopefully answering) Wednesday:

1) Social Media is confusing and time-consuming. What are the best reasons to invest my VO time there?

2) Which Social Media platforms should I concentrate on to best benefit my VO business?

3) What about Twitter? It’s weird and I just don’t understand how to use it for VO. Got any suggestions?

4) How can LinkedIn be a great social media platform for voiceover talent?

5) What are some tips to getting the most from LinkedIn?

6) What’s the deal with Ads? I find them annoying. Are they useful for my business?

7) How do you structure your day around social media? How much time to spend on these channels?

8) Social Media Etiquette: Do You Have a Proper Filter?

9) Why is it important to include keywords in your social media profiles and what ones should I use?  

10) Do I use a headshot as my avatar on Social Media? I heard that’s confusing for VO clients.    




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