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WoVOChat resultsThat was fun!

For an hour and then some, voice-actors wound up Twitter, and let ‘er rip today with a TweetChat on the topic of Social Media Marketing for VO.

And the best thing is:  it’s all been saved for posterity thanks to our moderator and also today, a contributor:  WoVO Pro, voice actor, and content marketing superstar Pamela Muldoon.  Our awesome guests were Derek Chappell, and Anne Ganguzza.  Dave Courvoisier added a thing or two…hey!  wait-a-minute!…that’s me!  A number of other WoVO members and voice-actors joined in with some valuable thoughts.  Worth the time to read, for sure!

Muldoon always prepares the Storify record of the hour-long chat, and here’s the link:

Here are some further metrics Muldoon is providing on the reach of today’s chat:

Finally, click below to see a SlideShare presentation Muldoon prepared sifting through some of the “fluff”, and posting more of the meat of the chat.

Join us on the 20th of May for our next topic on Microphones.

Thanks everyone!




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