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by | Jan 17, 2013 | Social Media/Networking, Subscription Services, VO Jobs

millsjamesA LinkedIn posting tipped me off to the following announcement from Mill-James Creative Media:

Mills James is proud to announce the creation of a database which will allow our producers to search and audition voice over talent at their desktop. We would like to invite you to register through the attached link and upload a demo of your work. Our goals for creating the data base are to consolidate all of our talent files in one location and make it easier to identify talent for up coming projects. As production timelines compress, the speed in which we need to respond to clients increases. We intend to create a fast and easy experience for producers to navigate through the talent pools. It is important that you attach a demo file to this registration. The system will not allow registration without a sample of your work.

We look forward to receiving your information and working with you in the near future.

Voiceover Talent Registration | Mills James

Yes, I certainly asked to be in their database.  The online form is neither daunting nor confusing.
No, I am not particularly familiar with Mills-James, but their website states the following:  Mills James is among the nation’s most comprehensive creative media companies. Headquartered in Columbus (OH), we’re the largest independent production company in Ohio and surrounding states. We’re an EMPLOYEE OWNED and CLIENT FOCUSED service business with a diverse team of more than 150 people of enormous talent and creativity.”
This strikes me as one of those “can’t lose” propositions, and one of the reasons why I enroll in many diverse online sites seeking voice talent resumés.  It comes under the “nothing ventured, nothing gained” category, and costs nothing.  I also applaud a production company that is honest and organized about gleaning voice talent from the available pool.

I also understand by posting this, I’m increasing the odds against me…but if it’s on LinkedIn, nothing much I do here is going to ripple the waters much more, and besides, that’s what this blog has been about since day 1…passing along useful information to my voice acting peers.





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