6 SoundCloud Alternatives (just in case)

SoundCloud, the German-based repository/sharing/social website for anything audio, is a staple for many voice-actors.  Some say the service is a little pricey, and lately it’s had a hard time deciding what it wants to be.  Add to that some recent... read more

VO Rates Roundtable

Don’t fault me or WoVO for focusing so much on voiceover compensation rates lately.  We’re only trying to keep up with the crazy pace of this industry.  No one topic garners more interest among freelance voice actors than this issue. World-Voices... read more

What’s the Life-Span of a Microphone?

So…right off the top, you must know there will always be a different life-time expectancy between quality name-brand mics and those of a lesser renown/price tag.  Kinda like a Ford Focus and a Chevy Corvette.  Both look shiny and bright... read more

Voice Recording for GoPro

The videojournalists on staff at KLAS-TV have about 7 GoPro cameras they share between then.  Everybody wants to take one with them when they shoot. Not heard of GoPro?  OK, what rock have you been hiding under? (kidding) GoPro is about the most viral... read more

Cracking CraigsList

Newspapers hate CraigsList because it DESTROYED their classifieds (and their revenue).  Most everyone else loves CraigsList…but as a lead-generating source for voice over jobs?  Meh. Like Guru, O-Desk, Elance, and a number of other online freelance... read more