Voice Recording for GoPro

by | Jun 16, 2014 | Popular, Technology, Video

gopro-aThe videojournalists on staff at KLAS-TV have about 7 GoPro cameras they share between then.  Everybody wants to take one with them when they shoot.

Not heard of GoPro?  OK, what rock have you been hiding under? (kidding)

GoPro is about the most viral recording device to hit the market in the last year.  Even 60-minutes did a piece on their success.  It’s not that GoPro does pics or vid better than anyone else, but it makes it easier to take those pics or vids ANYWHERE doing ANYTHING.

The GoPro is not cheap.  Starting at $200 and going up to twice that, the three Hero3 models offer slightly different resolution and functionality for remote recording.  Regardless, quality is quite good, and using the GoPro is just….fun.  You can control the functions through your smartphone, and results — especially if you’re very active — can be amazing.

Now, though, a 3rd party is offering a GoPro add-on that allows you to record an audio track on your video while you’re using the GoPro.SenaBluetooth

The Sena Bluetooth Audio Pack  “…replaces the optional LCD touchscreen with a Bluetooth-enabled microphone bridge that pairs with any compatible headset or microphone. Once set up, users will then be able to narrate video clips as they’re recorded from as far as 100 meters away...”  The device sells for about $99.

How does this affect your VO business?


However, I offer this blog about the Sena Bluetooth Audio Pack, ’cause ANY technological advance that fringes into our territory of voice-over brings with it a challenge that could be good or bad.

Since video is just so freaking hot right now, many people using the GoPro may just decide to add their own voice to their videos now.  Sure, the quality is not there aurally, but neither is the video professional.  Somehow that just seems increasingly to matter less to the newer generation.  YouTube has done this to our expectations.

On the other hand, someone enterprising voice-over just might want to take the bull by the horns, and offer his own “explainer video” of how this product or that product works, while actually demonstrating it (bike-riding, hang-gliding, carpentry, home improvement, etc.) USING the new GoPro with the audio pack add-on.  Get it?

The reason I’m always so jazzed about new devices, is the creative ways people find to use them beyond what the manufacturer envisioned, and because each different niche finds ways to adapt technology to their respective needs.

How will YOU use GoPro?




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