Creative VO Prospecting

Yesterday, I was reading through my Google Alerts, and came across a Craigslist ad placed by a seasoned VO pro.  I’ve re-printed most of it for you to see below the line-break.  The ad came complete with a graphic, phone #, website address, a map... read more

Your Homework Assignment for Tonight

Does anybody watch TV without the DVR running in the background any more?  Either way, your homework assignment for tonight is to play back pay a prime-time or prime-time access program and pay special attention to the commercials. Right.  The thing that we... read more

VO Email Marketing

Your email signature bookends your salutation.  Both are perfunctory, and yet pertinent. As overlooked as the signature can be…don’t you always notice when it’s missing?…or minimal…or overdone? The email signature for a... read more

What AGE is Your Voice?

Does a voice HAVE an age?  Well, I mean, of course it has the age associated with the cords’ owner but can you tell a person’s age by their voice? Or vice-versa…does a certain timbre/quality of voice HAVE an age? I go back to the analogy... read more

Studio On Wheels

Most voice actors seem obsessed with obtaining, and having at-the-ready, a mobile recording solution. I get it.  I’m a geek too, and I’ve got several iterations of an “away” recording configuration. But let’s face it, you can have a... read more

Go With What You Know

Ask me what got me into being a voice-actor, and I’d tell you “AudioBooks”.  It seemed like a perfect fit for me.  I was interested in it, and pursued it whole-heartedly for about 5 years.  I ended up narrating some 40 titles, attended... read more

A Defense of the “First Take”

The main point of this blog is not going to sit well with many…least of all the accomplished voice coaches I’ve worked with. So, consider this point of view more as an idea I’m floating out there as an alternative.  It’s a... read more

Don’t Dread Drymouth

Tonight, I’ll climb into my studio, and once again face the spectre of dry-mouth. Dry mouth equals mouth clicks, and mouth clicks equals a noisy recording, and a noisy recording means longer editing time.   Yes, I drink gallons of distilled water every... read more

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