The email was of the most welcome kind: out of nowhere with an offer of work.

In the course of a couple of days, I quoted and negotiated with this prospective client from nowhere, but in the end we were too far apart.

All was civil and respectful, so I asked the one questions that would maybe make this digital transaction worth my while:  I asked how the person found me.

The answer stunned and confounded me:

“…we found you through a google search on voice talent homepage and skipped the first 10 pages. We thought it could be a good technique to avoid the middleman…”

I can’t decide if that approach is brilliant or brainless….inspired or ignorant.

One thing I think it does neatly is sidestep just about any of the so-called SEO experts who are forever driving for higher and higher results.

I asked my web developer — Brett Bumeter — about it, and he said:

“…I can relate to people that would want to skip past the Google ads at the top of a google page web search…(and) I do think it is unique that your potential client was self-aware of the technique they were using as opposed to ‘feeling their way’ through a google search!…”

So there you go…just when you think there’s some sanity to all this digital target-shooting, someone else comes along with a technique that just is outa left-field.

Good luck with your SEO strategy!





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