Can you believe the pace of life?

Hey, I’m supposed to be “retired” now, and I’m as busy as ever! (they warned me).

You know what the newest “thing” is in video

6-sec ads.

I kid you not.

The format originally adopted by Vine (which then folded) lives on in the advertising world.

ALL of us are hearing about the deficit in attention spans.  I guess we’re supposed to feel good about Twitter expanding its 140-character limit?

No one has PATIENCE for anything!!!

Now…impatience can be detrimental to all aspects of our lives, but here’s how it can derail solid progress in a voice-actor’s rise to success:


  1.  Professional demos don’t result from a weekend coaching session as a side-bar perk.
  2.  A USB mic paired with a laptop does NOT constitute a studio
  3.  A great voice is only 20% of VO success
  4.  Even today’s successful voice actors probably waited at least 6 months before cutting their first demo (I’ll betcha!)
  5.  Clients need to get to know you = trust over time
  6.  Narrating 10 audiobooks does not make you an audiobook coach.
  7.  Successfully landing a few clients ALSO does not make you a commercial VO coach
  8.  Good home studios are rarely built in a day
  9.  Good audio chains (and mics) are selected over time with trial and error.
  10.  Freelance business skills are honed with failure
  11.  Practice alone takes plenty of time
  12.  etc., etc., etc. (wash, rinse, repeat)

In other words, the profession you’re practicing is a marathon, not a sprint (except for maybe a few talents I can count on two fingers).

I’ve blogged about this before, and I’ll likely do it again.

Patience may be the most productive business skill you can develop.  

How to get it?

OMG, there are as many self-help books/articles/blogs on this as there are USB mics for sale on Amazon.

Worst thing is, you’re not going to want to hear the advice, ’cause it would probably require a life change…but here’s one of my favorites:

When you’re done reading it, go create a 6-second video on what you’ve learned.




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