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by | Mar 29, 2016 | VO Jobs | 4 comments

internet-aShould I share this stuff or not? 

I have not really qualified any of the sites I’m about to list, but I was struck by the possibilities all landing in my mailbox in one day.  I’ll leave it to you to do the sleuthwork, and hope you’ll get back to me to let me know if there’s any meat on the bone here.  Uh, that is ethical, worthwhile, well-meaning, good relationship meat on the bone.  Otherwise — as we well know from some P2P’s gone awry — you’re wasting your time.

Regardless, job opportunities will continue to move online, whether we like it or not…so might as well learn how to navigate this world.  “An accurate and professionally-researched resource for creatives looking for work in feature film and television production in North America” “The global network of local film, TV, video, digital media, and live events pros”  (Representatives from this organization will be present at WoVOCon to answer questions). “Speaking so that others want to listen”  (one of their blog articles on a TED talk on speaking clearly)

BackStage Talent Database  Newly-launched directory from the well-known BackStage online info resource.  “THE online platform dedicated to connecting and educating film, television and theater creatives worldwide”

Leave a comment if you’re familiar with any of these, and whether they’re worth the time?





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  1. Tina Wilson

    Hi Dave, Production Hub is a good resource. I’ve used it from time to time. Great article; will check out some of these other sites that you listed.

  2. Michelle Giacopuzzi

    Hi Dave,
    I joined Backstage talent database in January and have gotten a few leads. Because I am a newbie and just recently finished my commercial demo, I have only looked at them and not auditioned. I do plan start auditioning for these. Thanks for the article and the leads which I will look into.

  3. Charlie Sill

    Well, I am registered with Production Hub on the free version. Not really into paying for it as some of the other P2P sites did not bring in any work for me. I am glad they do for some though! I recently watched Bill DeWees’s weekly update on you tube and this guy, Lance, was using Fivrr for voice over work and he said he was making good money after about seven months on it. He comes from a marketing background which Bill does as well. I say any way you can earn money online is great but I am sure many don’t believe that to be the case. Just my two cents.

  4. Deidre Ann Johnson

    Hi Dave,

    I’m familiar with Stage 32. I think it can be a good forum for actors/screen writers/directors but I don’t think it’s a good platform for voice overs.



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