Do You Know Craig?

by | May 30, 2017 | VO Jobs, Web Resources | 6 comments

Do you ever wonder about the digital heavyweights of past years that are still there, but nobody seems to talk about ’em anymore?

E-bay comes to mind.  It’s become as common as Puffs and Pennzoil.  Everyone needs it, but no one really mentions it like the huge product game-changer it once was.

Craigslist is like that.  The free online classifieds almost single-handedly destroyed newspapers’ cash flow.   Craig is still there, but is part of the accepted marketplace.  As common as credit cards.

Lately, I’ve seen a LOT of action on Craigslist for, by, and from voice actors. 

From the many keywords I’ve configured on Google Alerts, I see em ‘all:  Voice actors seeking work, clients seeking voice actors, coaches seeking VO students, producers hoping to do VO demos,  people seeking voices for every imaginable project, usually for free or pennies.  International voices, bi-lingual voices, old voices, character voices…you see it all on Craigslist.


When you think about it, all this action makes sense.  Especially from the standpoint of the voice-seeker.  Voice actors are an enigma to most.  For the uninitiated, where DOES one find a voice-actor?  Uninitiated means you have never heard of V123 or the other guys…you aren’t aware of the agency system, and you don’t want to, or are too lazy to do research on Google.  You just turn to the same place where you find used bicycles and home repairmen:  Craigslist. 

So question for you:  Have you ever posted your services on Craigslist and found a decent-paying client, or have you ever found a DECENT-PAYING VO job from an ad on Cragislist?

That’s it.  Just comment below, and let us know your story.

I’m skeptical about all this action, but I’m open to hearing about a Craigslist VO success story.  Please, let me hear a Craigslist VO success story…I guess I want to believe all that traffic I’m seeing is actually benefiting someone!




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  1. Jack

    Hi Dave,

    My very first gig was with Craigslist. It was for a movie short called “Town Red” my role was to play a distraught sheriff in a panic to get people to evacuate a small southern town in the ’50s that was over-run by zombie-like residents. It was fun and I was excited to do it…. for free but then it was my first gig. Anyway the movie won awards at Cannes so I did get some good PR out of it. Still use Craigslist but now I get paid.

    • CourVO

      So Jack, now do you use Craigslist?…by actively posting ads yourself?…or responding to others, and qualifying them as good-paying leads?

      Thanks for responding.


      • Jack R Smith

        I started VO in 2012 and one of the coaches I worked with was Bill Dewees. Bill felt that Craigslist was a good source but only one of many ways to market yourself. He said he used it as well and has about a dozen key word combinations he uses. Like I said I got my first gig through Craigslist using these key words. If I find a possible client I email them and find out more about project and what it pays. You also have to watch out for the ones who say no pay but they will use your name in credits. I can’t say this is the best source but do believe that by not doing it I could miss a really good gig. I say this because one of the contacts I made has been semi-regular and has been a good client thus far. After you have done this it really doesn’t take long maybe 5 to 10 min. plus time it takes to reply. I do this at least twice a day. Hope this info helps.

  2. Kenny

    Bill Dewees is the only guy I know of that has claimed
    to make money on Craigslist. I gave up. Maybe I should
    set up Google Alerts.

  3. Jim

    I responded to an ad on Craigslist once. The reply I got seemed to have some things in it that didn’t sound quite right right so I did some checking around, figured it was a scam and passed. Turned out I was right. Do diligent research first.

  4. J. Christopher Dunn

    I’ve responded to a number of listings and occasionally something will land. Most believe Craigslist = cheap. I quote from my rate card and give them the option to counter with a number that fits their budget. I’ve walked away from more than I’ve taken.

    My post in the creative work section of CL gets noticed. I’m contacted daily by somebody looking for a VO or narrator. Again, the idea CL = cheap seems to be the base thinking. I quote them a rate. We discuss. We move on if we don’t come to terms.


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