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The SAG Foundation Don LaFontaine Voice Over Lab is seeking an administrator.

Here’s what Lab Co-Founder and LA-based VO Pro Joe Cipriano writes on VU:

Joe Cipriano
Joe Cipriano 5:30pm Jan 19 Voice Over friends and colleagues. As one of co-founders of the Don LaFontaine Voice over LAB, I am extremely excited to tell you about this amazing opportunity. The SAG Foundation is seeking someone who eats and breathes “voice over” to become the Administrator of the very prestigious Don LaFontaine Voice Over Lab. This person will sit at the epicenter of the voice over community in Hollywood. He or She will be responsible for all aspects of the Voice Over Lab including: scheduling use of the facility, managing the facility as a result of having familiarity with the use of recording studio hardware and software, and addressing all concerns related to the VOL, while acting as an ambassador for the VOL to the community of actors to be served. This person will interact with some of the best voice over artists in the country and will have the honor of being part of this educational, humanitarian and philanthropic effort. If you are interested and possess the skills required or know someone who does please apply at the link below. I know you’re out there ­čÖé As co-founder, I’m looking forward to working with you at the DLF VO Lab.

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That listing is on

I dunno…think I oughta apply?




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  1. Karen Commins

    Greetings, Dave! You may have posed the question about applying for the job in jest, but ask yourself this:

    How does the thought of this opportunity FEEL to you?

    Do you feel excited? Does the job feel like a spectacularly awesome fit for you? Do you feel like the Universe has given you a nudge?

    It would be easy for all of the “Yes, but…” thoughts to rear their ugly heads and stop you in your tracks.

    Don’t listen to them! If this opportunity FEELS like something you should pursue, your internal GPS would not guide you the wrong way.

    I would say to go ahead and apply for the job if it FEELS right to you. The time to worry about the logistical and financial considerations is when you are offered the job.

    Keep us posted!

    Karen Commins

    • CourVO

      Hi Karen,

      I admit I didn’t think about even considering the application until I got to the end of the blog.
      You’re entirely right… and for a while I swished it around in my mouth, and found that it was a little flat (not flavorful at all).
      Although I think I could DO the job well, I feel it would not fulfill me.

      You are great for stopping by to share those thoughts with me!

      How’s the transition treating you?


      Dave C

      • Karen Commins

        Hi, Dave! I didn’t know you had responded until my name in this post popped up on my Google alert just now!

        You raise a great point that I wish newcomers to voiceover would consider:

        Just because you CAN do something or other people think is the right thing for you doesn’t mean you SHOULD do it.

        Those things that call to us, that make our hearts sing, that we would do without thinking first of the money — those are the things that we really need to pursue.

        If your heart’s not in it, it will never be a deeply fulfilling experience. To quote Shakespeare: to thine own self be true!

        For you and me, voiceover and audiobook narration are true callings. We’ve both worked 2 jobs for years in order to act upon our callings and live the most fulfilling life possible.

        I have to tell you, my new status of being able to concentrate solely on my voiceover business is DA BOMB! January was a fabulous start to my new life!

        One day — probably when you least expect it — the transition to full-time VO will happen for you, too. In the meantime, every action you take just draws you one step closer and prepares you for the life you are meant to lead!



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