Emmy Nominees Dish on Voiceovers

The SAG Foundation Actor’s Center hosted a fun (free) event the other day – a panel discussion on voice0vers – and the panel was an impressive line-up of nominees at the Creative Arts Emmy awards.  Each of the actors was nominated for outstanding... read more

How Digital Expands VO Opportunities

Let’s face it, the heyday of TV/Radio broadcasting is past.  Some of the best gigs in voiceover land are in decline because of it.  Not to sound negative…obviously plenty of us are finding work in all sorts of genres, but a case can be made for a... read more

Big Name Hollywood Voice Over Babylon

Al Pacino is about as big as it gets in tinsel-town. He’s never done a voice-over role before…and now he continues in that deficit… although it was close. Pacino was all set to be the voice of the villain Eduardo in the animated film Despicable Me... read more

Fancy Pants Gangsters

Doncha just love that name for a company? The website I’m REALLY focusing on today is called THE VOICE BEHIND, but it comes under the umbrella of Owner and Pants Commander Evan Pedersen at Fancy Pants Gangsters. You’ll find out more about where that name... read more

Celebrity Voice vs. Voice Actor

On at least two ocassions, I’ve used this blog to bash the practices of hiring big-name celebrities in the roles that voice-actors traditionally filled.  Yeah, there was some jealousy involved.  (notice how I conveniently omit the blog links) 🙂 For a couple of... read more

Lowenthal/Platt VA Book

Nice looking couple, huh?  They sound good too. Yuri Lowenthal and Tara Platt, have published a book entitled Voice Over Voice Actor: What It’s Like Behind The Mic. As mentioned in an article from the NEWSARAMA.COM website:  “…the book is an easy-to-read,... read more

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