Celebrity Voice vs. Voice Actor

by | Mar 17, 2011 | Animation, VO Jobs

On at least two ocassions, I’ve used this blog to bash the practices of hiring big-name celebrities in the roles that voice-actors traditionally filled.  Yeah, there was some jealousy involved.  (notice how I conveniently omit the blog links) 🙂

For a couple of reasons, that view is shortsighted.  First, it’s not going away, and secondly, THOSE GUYS are making more work for US GUYS.

I couldn’t explain it any better than the YouTube video below…featuring, I might add, Kevin Delaney and Pat Fraley and others who speak very well (heh) for the reality of having screen celebs play key voices in animated films.  Just watch, you’ll see what I mean.


(to watch on YouTube, click HERE)



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