Emmy Nominees Dish on Voiceovers

by | Aug 12, 2014 | Animation, Cartoons

robotchickenThe SAG Foundation Actor’s Center hosted a fun (free) event the other day – a panel discussion on voice0vers – and the panel was an impressive line-up of nominees at the Creative Arts Emmy awards.  Each of the actors was nominated for outstanding character voiceover performance.

On the panel:

  • Maurice LaMarch (Futurama)
  • Seth Green (Robot Chicken)
  • Stephen Full (Dog with a Blog)
  • Moderator James Arnold Taylor

I hafta tell you, I haven’t heard of any of these shows, and the only face/name I recognized was Seth Green… but hey, I’m only showing my ignorance.  I almost never watch TV (even the news), and I’m pretty in-the-dark about animation as a viable VO niche for me.  

[I don’t live in LA, NYC, Dallas, or the other metro centers where you typically need to come to the studio to do your work.  Do animation actors who live in Bismark, ND do sessions for cartoon and animation projects via ISDN or Source-Connect?  Hmmm, I think not.  So, unless I wanna drive to LA from Las Vegas all the time, or MOVE to Los Angeles…this niche is pretty much off my radar.  I’m just sayin’.]

Nonetheless the recording of this panel talk is very revealing of the personalities, and the work they do in this realm.  Whether this is your area of interest or not, you will learn plenty from their discussion about how they approach their craft. 

Like many voice actors who lean into the business because they’ve been “doing voices” all their life…these voice actors stuck with it, to live out their dream. Bravo and congratulations to them for their nominations!

Read more about the panel at Backstage.com




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