How Digital Expands VO Opportunities

by | Jun 7, 2013 | Animation, VO Jobs

appingtonLet’s face it, the heyday of TV/Radio broadcasting is past.  Some of the best gigs in voiceover land are in decline because of it. 

Not to sound negative…obviously plenty of us are finding work in all sorts of genres, but a case can be made for a diminished returns in traditional and legacy income/advertising streams.

Digital programming, synthetic voice technology, sites like FIVER and O-Desk, and cheaper methods of recording voice, are factors given for a marketplace struggling to find it’s rate center.

Balancing out the downside of voice acting in the 21st century is a vibrant niche-oriented content marketplace, the rise of animation/videogames, and the growing need for a human voice to accompany visual productions like YouTube, SlideShare, and Explainer Videos.

Need a good example?  OK.  I’ll wrap it inside a job lead.

Appington calls itself: “The Worlds First VoiceOver Management Platform for Mobile Apps”, and is launching a new Voice OveraAudio service for App and Game Developers.

Here’s a great article explaining the new service Appington is offering. Importantly, the article notes: “…As part of the beta launch, Appington will help developers with scripting, hiring talent for the voice-overs, and properly implementing audio into the app…”

I don’t see a link  on the Appington site that allows VO’s to sign-up (yet), but obviously they must be looking  for voice talent at some pointLet’s hope they agree we all deserve our due for contributing quality audio to the great digital future.




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