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Where else am I gonna share this stuff?  Facebook?

Nah…it deserves to go to my dedicated base of blog readers.  YOU!

This first URL is golden!  I got it from…which is a pretty good tip in itself…a great way to find new content.


LinkedIn is pretty powerful in itself, but with some or all of these extensions, you put some real ability to build relationships and find out more about your connections, right there in your browser.  I installed Lusha, Crystal, and Lempod right away.

Oh, and if you want to know how to bend LinkedIn to your will for your voiceover business specifically, please be sure to try out Tracy Lineley’s TheLinkedInEdge.

I’ve mentioned here before the importance of knowing how to produce quick, quality videos for your marketing, and social media presence.  My earlier find was HitFilmExpress, and it’s still one heckuva free video editing program (add-0ns are a la carte for reasonable prices), with many free full-featured tools.  For Windows or Mac.

But my new fave is OpenShot. Like HitFilm…OpenShot is free, for Windows & Mac, easily installs, and has a lot of features.  For my money, OpenShot appears a little more intuitive in the learning curve. Give it a try!

Finally, ipDTL’s indefatigable founder and CEO – Kevin Leach – sent me this link yesterday with a full-on tutorial on how to acquire your own broadcast-quality IP  Codec for phone, ISDN, and other SIP-enabled devices (LuciLive, Skype, ipDTL, or anything using the OPUS codec).

Here’s the link to the page:

Kevin is a former BBC Broadcast engineer, so I don’t pretend to know the nuances of all this acronym alphabet-soup…even after helping man the ipDTL/SIP audio booth at NAB in Las Vegas Last year…but I believe in Leach’s mastery of this realm, and it may appeal to you as well.

Got any great tips to share?

Add ’em to the comments below!












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