So Easy To Overlook

Thanks for putting up with my fluffy rural pictorial posts from last week.  It wasn’t all play…I did bring a portable recording set-up, and managed a couple of lucrative jobs in-between lazing on the porch.  🙄  But a number of other clients were remarkably... read more

Finding Your Way Through the InfoNoise

Yesterday, word spread fast that Scott Fortney had a heart attack.  Scott is known to us all as a helpful voice actor who often posts Adobe Audition tutorials on YouTube, and started the Adobe Audition FaceBook group.  His wife had just emerged from an illness, and... read more

Voice and Studio’s Tom Moog Q & A

What was I saying just last week about the proliferation of online “community sites” for voice-actors?  (See:  Can VO be TOO Social?) Among the plethora of current choices is a relatively new online site called Voice and Studio – The fastest growing... read more

Life is a Card

Since October of last year, I’ve been to five (count ’em…5!) VoiceOver meetups.  There was That’s Voiceover! in LA, October of 2011; Erik Sheppard’s NYC Mixer, Dec ’11; FaffCon4 in March ’12 in Ventura, CA; APAC/Audies in NYC... read more

Collaboration Salvation

Whether it’s from some sort of wistful pride, or pathetic rationalization, voice actors are often quick to remind you that: “…you know, we all work alone…” It’s true.  Mostly gone are the communal auditions in well-traveled studios... read more

Status Posting

‘Coupla days ago, I shuffled out loud through a few rambling thoughts here on this blog — like I NEVER do that! (see “…MushMind…”) Surprisingly, comments from three people I really admire, immediately popped up. My original musing... read more

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