Collaboration Salvation

by | Sep 15, 2010 | Connecting

Whether it’s from some sort of wistful pride, or pathetic rationalization, voice actors are often quick to remind you that: “…you know, we all work alone…”

It’s true.  Mostly gone are the communal auditions in well-traveled studios (still a reality in some major markets).  The new breed of voice-actors works in a private/home studio, and can go weeks without seeing a peer.

That’s why the MasterMind groups advocated by VO Doug Turkel at FaffCon are so RIGHT.  We are social beings, and we DO need community.  It’s nice to know someone else is struggling with or overcoming similar problems…even nicer to help them along.

That’s why I’m so encouraged by the latest examples of what I’d call “Collaboration Salvation”.

Amy Snively sparked on a great idea, but FaffCon would never have taken shape so quickly and professionally without her helpmates.  She delegated.  She asked.  She said what she needed, and people….just…responded.  In spades.  With glee.  In a minute.  With the help of modern-age technology, instantaneous communication, collaborative documents, and a can-do attitude, FaffCon materialized in record time.

While all THAT was going on, yours truly sparked on yet another flash: “I’ll announce September as National Voice Over Month!”  Yeah, that’s it!  Trouble is, I didn’t think about it until August 25th.  With the prodding and guidance of the inimitable Peter O’Connell, we had ourselves a NVOM within 6 days…complete with a website, a logo (thanks Amy!) a News Release, a cadre of supporters, and a Social Media movement.  Days later a collaborative compilation PSA delivered more than 25 voices in harmony.  I’m still getting volunteer voices, and plan another round of PSA’s yet this month.

Sure, both were popular ideas with cache’, but no way either could’ve been pulled-off without collaboration.

The list goes on and on.  Terry Daniel and I, along with his producer, Laura Berscheit collaborated online for months to produce our Social Media seminar at VOICE2010.

Peter O’Connell proves over and over through his blog posts, that people want to interact and collaborate on projects that help them feel connected.  Peter and Jeffrey Kafer pulled together a host of voice actors for separate videos recently, and then there’s the ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” project that has now become legendary on the VO-BB.

So tout your “aloneness” as a voice over talent if you want to…you’re allowed… just don’t tell me that’s your only option, because the preponderance of evidence goes against you.  Voice Actors are some of the most eagerly supportive, cooperative and collaborative people I know.




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