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by | Jun 17, 2012 | Conferences, Connecting

Since October of last year, I’ve been to five (count ’em…5!) VoiceOver meetups.  There was That’s Voiceover! in LA, October of 2011; Erik Sheppard’s NYC Mixer, Dec ’11; FaffCon4 in March ’12 in Ventura, CA; APAC/Audies in NYC in June; and now VOICE2012 at Disneyland.

I’d have a hard time making the case that I’m an introvert.

If I continue this way, there’s Roy Yokelson’s VO BBQ in September on the East Coast and FaffCon5 in Charlotte in October.

That’s not counting all the WOVO, VOICE2012, and VO Mastermind Conference calls.

Four years ago, I wrote a blog about Immersion.  I believed then, and still believe in the notion that to be a success in ANY endeavour, you must immerse yourself in the culture.

But I’m starting to think immersion is one thing, and near-drowning is another.

But I digress.  At all these networkable meet-ups, you tend to get and give business cards.  How ’bout that?!!!

In the midst of all this digital online social media craze, it still comes down to having a logo, a brand, and your contact information, all printed out on a little 2X4 in. card-stock paper.

Now, here’s the important thing: people don’t give you these cards for no good reason.  They give you their card because it means they’re OK with you contacting them.  So, for all the agents, and publishers, and producers, and mentors, and consultants, and directors who can actually advance your career…this is the time to rev-up the follow-up machine and get busy.

with Chuck and Stacey of VO BUZZ weekly at Voice2012

There’s a finesse to that…a diplomatic way of being appropriately direct, and yet appreciative for the contact.  With audiobook publishers, it’s even a more delicate dance.  Most of them say they want to know you’re available, and you’re the right kind of talent for their company…they just don’t want to know TOO MUCH.  So, do I send an email or a postcard (or both)?…and how often?  Once-a-month?  Once every two months…three months?

And this sort of follow-up (in my book) is not just for those who are potential employers.  As someone who believes in fostering a true sense of VO community, I believe it’s important to also follow-up with my peers…the ones who make a difference in my business with their friendship, their encouragement, and their helpful tips.  Yes, they deserve a follow-up too.  Maybe an email, a pic posted on FaceBook…a shout-out on Twitter.

Can you do too much of that?  I think not.

Can you do too much conferencing?  Yeah.  I think you can.

It’s time to hunker-down and actually start implementing the incredible results of my networking.  All that good will, the friendships, the sharing, the contacts, the business cards, the invitations to make contact and follow-up.

THAT’S how I’m going to spend the rest of my 2012.  Time to give the airlines a rest (for a couple of months, anyway.)  🙂




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