The New NAB

National Association of Broadcasters.  One of the biggest conventions on the calendar of a city that has more/bigger/better conferences than any other place on the planet. But why?  I mean, I get CES (Consumer Electronics Show)…THE highest attendance... read more

In One Week…

…will I see you in Atlanta? The 2016 Voice Over Atlanta conference will be its 4th year, but it will be my first visit.  VOA is an extension of its founder and executive:  Gerald Griffith, and his company: VoiceoverCity. Friends who went last... read more

DevLearn 2015

Las Vegas hosts a never-ending, multi-layered parade of conferences and conventions.  It’s the #1 gathering place for such things, and the city obliges with it’s own ginormous convention center.  Beyond that, most all the resorts have their own... read more


Noun, …any interdependent or mutually beneficial relationship between two persons, groups, etc. This week, the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) hits Las Vegas.  Next to CES, it’s the largest, and most equipment-exhibitor heavy conference in... read more

CES2015 in 2:10

Got a minute?…er….well…a couple of minutes? The technology, planning, and marketing behind a show like CES is beyond imagination.  It all comes together for 4 days in the Las Vegas Convention Center, and this year almost 200,000 people paid... read more

Pressing On

There’s no doubt I suffer a deflation in January.  The build-up to the Christmas and New Year’s holidays are so expectant, that you can’t help but feel a loss come January.  Personally, Januarys are to my year… as Mondays are to my... read more

FaffCon Demystified

A few thoughts about Tucson’s unconference, and then I’ll move on.  I know the tsunami of pictures, posted alongside laments that: “…it ended too soon!”…or: “…FaffCon changed my life!” grows old for people... read more

Tired & Inspired

By now, you’re familiar with the thrum of swelling accolades following the most recent FaffCon.  Perhaps you’ve contributed to the enthusiastic thread of pictures and superlatives yourself in recent years.  (BTW, header photo taken during rooftop... read more

Why You Should Avoid FaffCon

Where do I start?  How much time do you have? The DEPTH of my dissatisfaction is unplumbed! OK, probably the best way to handle this is with a list, so here goes: FafffCon events are always held in terrible locations The attendees are insufferable bores There are... read more

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