Some of the biggest annual conferences in all sorts of industries have had to drop their events.

SWSX, NAB, Olympics, Burning Man, and countless others were caught by the calendar, and a disbelief that COVID was as bad as it was, or would get the reception it did.

The folks at Gravy For The Brain (GFTB) in the UK were able to adjust in time to recover the spirit of their big OneVoice Conference (OVC).

Outside of the USA, GFTB is easily becoming the most significant annual conference for voice actors.  Maybe even more important because it stresses a distinctly world-wide view of our industry, and that’s a good thing.  An idea that World-Voices Organization® can get behind! (hence our sponsorship of OVC)

No, it’s not an ideal way to gather. After all, most of us work in isolation anyway, and having the chance to share the same space with our colleagues is a highlight.

But so be it. COVID-19 rules right now, and GFTB founders Hugh Edwards and Peter Dickson hustled heaven ‘n’ earth to pull off a live virtual conference starting tomorrow.


Click that link just above to go to the official conference website if you’d like to take a look at the schedule, the speakers, and the online webinars you can join.  The price is right, and the featured panelists and personalities are impressive.

May I put in a special mention for the ETHICS panel on Friday the 8th at Noon Central Standard Time in the US?  I’ll be joining esteemed friends Graeme Spicer and J Michael Collins (and others) as we discuss some very timely issues of the day as it relates to our business.

In my way of looking at things, GFTB really hustled and did the right thing in offering this virtual conference.  I think it deserves our attendance as a show of support.








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