Muffett/Griffith/Courvoisier on VO Conferences

by | Nov 3, 2017 | Conferences

You could say I’m an expert at VO Conferences.  I’ve attended and even been an MC/host at VOICE, Faffcon, VO Atlanta, That’s VoiceOver, WoVOCon and more, many times over.  And yet, I wouldn’t even think of trying to tackle the details of planning one. So maybe I’m just an expert at the experience of attending VO conferences.  I guess there’s value in that description.  Jamie Muffett seemed to think so, anyway.

New York-based Brit voice-actor Muffett has recently managed a string of newly-minted conversations with VO experts on a spectrum of topics.  They appear on, and I was in the most recent one with VO Atlanta’s founder and director: Gerald Griffith.

Although I’ve never handled the many and taxing details of WoVOCon (that distinction goes to our president emeritus Dustin Ebaugh and executive board member Karyn O’Bryant), I AM on the planning committee, and as President of World-Voices, I help make the high-level decisions that guide the event to success.

Between us, Gerald and I walked through a host of questions Muffett threw at us surrounding the VO conference experience.  I’m biased, but I think there’s a lot of valuable information in the dialog, and I thank Jamie for asking me, and putting me on a level playing field with Gerald Griffith, whom I have a great deal of respect for as a conference planner and director.

You can see the BackStage article, and listen to the recording here:

Or, just skip the BackStage fluff altogether and listen by clicking on the SoundCloud link:

Thanks Jamie and Gerald!




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