So Easy To Overlook

by | Sep 12, 2016 | Connecting

barnThanks for putting up with my fluffy rural pictorial posts from last week.  It wasn’t all play…I did bring a portable recording set-up, and managed a couple of lucrative jobs in-between lazing on the porch.  🙄 

But a number of other clients were remarkably understanding about my week off.  I told them I would be happy to record something, but it would not (can never really be) quite as good or consistent as my home studio.  In almost every situation, the client in question was happy to wait for the best.

It reminds me of a simple business courtesy that should not be overlooked. 


I coulda ignored those clients for a few days until I got home.  Instead, a quick one-liner from my iPhone let them know I was there, but sorta indisposed, and can I get back to them when my vacation is over?  There are too many device conveniences to do anything less these days.

Now, mind you, I totally understand the reckless abandon vacation where ALL work is left-behind.  Got it.  I do those too sometimes.  But short of that, a quick note…just to show you are there, and willing to help…can be so comforting to the business that you’ve become a part of as a freelancer. 

One or two back ‘n’ forth messages, and  you’ve preserved the essence of your vacation, as well as a steady client.

Come to think of it…even during a regular work-week, it is a solid business practice to respond in a very timely manner to any client prospect, ESPECIALLY your regular clients. 

After all, we’re in the communication business…right?




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