Where/How to Find the Best Voiceover Jobs

by | Jul 8, 2019 | Business-end-of-things, VO Business

Where/How to Find the Best Voiceover Jobs

by | Jul 8, 2019 | Business-end-of-things, VO Business

The truth about Voiceover “jobs”

We call them “jobs”, but in reality they’re opportunities, and either we capitalize on them or we don’t. We fit the sound in the prospective client’s ear, or we don’t.  We prove our worth or we don’t. We go after these opportunities or we lose the chance.  We hope we have the talent, the equipment, the coaching, the “conversational” read, and we kinda pray every time we audition.

Smart clients who are willing to pay for the best - and willing to work to find them - go further. You should too. Click To Tweet

Rarely-mentioned Fact

Voiceover clients are just as frustrated as we are.  Which is why they always go back to the talent or the trail that took care of their needs the last time. Some clients LOVE P2P’s because it’s easy, and (most of the time) cheap.  It’s good enough. Smart clients, though, willing to pay for the best – and willing to work to find them –  go further.

You should too.

Beyond the bravado…

…Voiceover talent seem to be struggling.  Some successful VO elite claim jobs are more plentiful than ever.  That P2P’s are a necessary evil (cuz they’re not going away).  And that you just haven’t discovered the magic formula of full-time working VO’s…which is why you should hire them for your demo or as your coach. 

Maybe you’re just not working hard enough.


Maybe you’re just not working smart

After all,  you ARE smart, but at VO, not so much.  That’s me.  I know I’ve got the brains.  I’ve got the know-how, and I’ve also got the talent/coaching/equipment/chutzpah to make it.  So why has this been the worst year for VO revenue EVARR?  

I think it’s because I’m not working smart.

Translated; that means I’m not working hard enough using the techniques that work the best for ME.

So…where/how do I find the best VO jobs…?

Where everyone else isn’t.   Yeah, I know… not easy.  But who said it was easy?  If you want easy, pay your annual fee at VDC or V123, and audition all day to no effect (ABSOLUTELY no effect in my experience).

IF you want RESULTS.  It’s gonna take work.  It’s gonna take working smart.  It’s gonna take using YOUR best marketing/prospecting/enterprising techniques…not XXXX’s “proven” formula, or YYY’x “sure fire” method…but YOUR best technique.

That means knowing your strengths and weaknesses.

So ask.  Ask your voiceover colleagues:  “Hey, what do I do best”?

You might be surprised how their answers effects your success.



  1. Joshua Alexander

    Great post! Thank you Dave! It’s definitely slow right now. But I go by a custom list I made pursuant to Marc Scott’s Marketing Playbook that really helps me day to day. It’s a checklist, if you will, of what I want to make sure to accomplish for that day only. Keeps me on the up and up, keeps irons in the fire, and keeps that forward momentum going to ensure something is always in the pipeline. If I don’t see my VoiceZam player hits continuing to rise, that means I’m not working hard enough. Of course, I have to have a love for marketing first and foremost, which I do. 🙂

  2. Bill Brooks

    Thanks Dave! I needed this TODAY!


    But for those of us who are Platinum members on Voices.com and Voice123, P2P clearly IS working. And doing 30-40 auditions a day may be relentless, but it isn’t hard. It isn’t standing on your feet for 13 hours a day, which is what I used to do, before I septupled my income by switching to VO full time.

    • CourVO

      Well, there ya go, Bryan…you’re paying premium so the rest of us can have the dregs…no wonder your experience is better. I’m done with P2P’s.

      Dave C


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