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by | Mar 19, 2012 | Books, Published Articles

Robert Sciglimpaglia’s been regularly knocking down VO milestones since he seriously began acting in 2005.  His most recent coup was as a principal character in a Super Bowl ad (Chevy Happy Grad).

Clearly, being on stage, on cam, and behind the mic is his passion, but Robert has not entirely abandoned his first profession.  He’s also an attorney.

As a member of SaVoa’s Executive Board, Robert offers legal advice for the organization, and is known for his generous counsel on contracts, business-licensing, taxes, unions, and many more potentially-complicated topics for his fellow voice actors.

Now, he’s just finished authoring a legal guide for voice-actors that is both comprehensive and affordable.

See this PR announcement for a background on the book:  Voice Over LEGAL.

VoiceOverXtra‘s John Florian is overseeing the publishing and distribution of the book (not quite yet released), and there, you’ll find more details about the book, and when and how you can acquire a digital (e-book or pdf formats) of Voice Over LEGAL.

Nice going Rob…we’re proud of ya!





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