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Automated Voice Acting?

They’ll never stop trying. The innovators, scientists, and geeks who think there’s a digital answer to nearly every human function. Now, this.

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Bridesmaids Again

There are likely thousands of full and part-time voice actors.  No one knows the exact number for sure, but regardless, they are all potential purchasers of equipment, devices, parts, know-how, and especially electronics.You’d think with that kind of a... read more

I Made the Paper!

‘Dating myself… but that was the exclamation when someone appeared in the local newspaper for a story.  Then it became:  “I’m on TV”! Funny, that doesn’t happen anymore.  I mean, how would it sound to say:  “Hey, I made the FB... read more

Saving For a Rainy Day…

…and I don’t mean money (at least not in THIS post).No, I’m talking about banking information…the new currency.There is SO MUCH valuable content online these days, that one MUST have a mechanism for relegating it to a holding tank for later... read more

Who’s heard of this site?  It appears to be one of those new-wave online authoring sites like Medium.  I would have no idea it existed but for a Google Alert that flagged an article on io9:  Why Announcers’ Voices Sound So Much Different Than They Used To.... read more

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