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Automated Voice Acting?

They’ll never stop trying. The innovators, scientists, and geeks who think there’s a digital answer to nearly every human function. Now, this.

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Bridesmaids Again

There are likely thousands of full and part-time voice actors.  No one knows the exact number for sure, but regardless, they are all potential purchasers of equipment, devices, parts, know-how, and especially electronics. You’d think with that kind of a... read more

I Made the Paper!

‘Dating myself… but that was the exclamation when someone appeared in the local newspaper for a story.  Then it became:  “I’m on TV”!  Funny, that doesn’t happen anymore.  I mean, how would it sound to... read more

Saving For a Rainy Day…

…and I don’t mean money (at least not in THIS post). No, I’m talking about banking information…the new currency. There is SO MUCH valuable content online these days, that one MUST have a mechanism for relegating it to a holding tank for later... read more

Who’s heard of this site?  It appears to be one of those new-wave online authoring sites like Medium.  I would have no idea it existed but for a Google Alert that flagged an article on io9:  Why Announcers’ Voices Sound So Much Different... read more

HuffPo on VO

Print publication coverage of the voice-over business is usually lame…even online (which is where “print” is going). Typically, it’s some thinly veiled promotion for a local VO workshop in the guise of a factual article. TV news does this... read more

Read This Online Mag

For months, I used to share the contents of EQ magazine here on my blog.  My subscription was free, and the publishers didn’t seem to mind.  Even then, the target reader audience was musicians, music producers, studio engineers, and audiophiles. ... read more

Having Faith

‘Nothing I love better than digging around the internet, and finding stories from local newspapers about my friends in VoiceOver. A couple of years ago, I first came across the name Kelley Buttrick this way.  The December 2010 article about her in the... read more

Get Legal

Robert Sciglimpaglia’s been regularly knocking down VO milestones since he seriously began acting in 2005.  His most recent coup was as a principal character in a Super Bowl ad (Chevy Happy Grad). Clearly, being on stage, on cam, and behind the mic is his... read more