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paper-boy2‘Dating myself… but that was the exclamation when someone appeared in the local newspaper for a story.  Then it became:  “I’m on TV”! 

Funny, that doesn’t happen anymore.  I mean, how would it sound to say:  “Hey, I made the FB Group!”

Anyway, I’ve been talking to a reporter at the Toronto Globe and Mail for some time, now, about the controversy over Voices.com’s transparency – or lack of it.  Many others, too, apparently had much the same things to say.  The Globe and Mail is a well-respected business daily.

The reporter was diligent and finally published online yesterday (print today).  I thought the author — Susan Krashinsky — did a fair job of treating the issue.

Take a look?

How Much Is the Right Voice Worth to an Advertiser?

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  1. Bob Wood

    Hi Dave,

    Wow, that article was so neutral it had little content. I was hoping for an expose of voices.com.

    Perhaps you didn’t see my letter to voices, but here it is:

    To: David Ciccarelli
    From: Robert Wood
    Date: November 11, 2015

    Please immediately cancel my membership and remove my profile on voices.com.
    I am leaving as I find recent circumstances untenable:
    1. Voices’ project management is becoming pervasive, and the lack of transparency to voice talent is disturbing, especially since we are in effect now competing for dollars with your company.
    2. Voice seekers visit voices.com for hiring talent, not being “up-sold” for services which may not be necessary. Stories of staff attempts to convert a ‘normal’ job to a managed one after the job has been posted, are disturbing.
    3. I audition for the client, and resent the new “managed” hurdle. I’ve got 30 years’ experience globally. I don’t want or need a relatively inexperienced staffer to judge my work.
    4. I believe that the premise on your site of 50% SAVINGS is misleading.
    5. I believe voices functions as an agent, without the rates and pay scale thereof.
    6. Your pricing brackets are obfuscating.
    7. I believe voices is less than forthright about the managed jobs: the lack of transparency, i.e.: what is the client being charged in total, is disturbing.
    8. Not forwarding all auditions to a client is, I feel, unethical.
    9. You charge for membership, for surepay, for ‘management’ which I feel is largely unnecessary, other than to cull bad audio and auditions from ‘talent’ you shouldn’t have accepted in the first place. Now, talent is competing with voices.com for the budget which was intended for paying the talent in the first place. I expect to compete with other talent, but not in a rigged game where I also compete for the opinion of a ‘manager,’ and also compete for the client’s budget with voices.com.

    Robert Wood

    THAT’s the story. Feel free to share. I would love to see them fold! The real story is the disaffection of many for the ‘service.”


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