Saving For a Rainy Day…

by | Aug 11, 2015 | Published Articles, Web Resources

repository…and I don’t mean money (at least not in THIS post).

No, I’m talking about banking information…the new currency.

There is SO MUCH valuable content online these days, that one MUST have a mechanism for relegating it to a holding tank for later consideration, or you’d spend the whole day reading, and nothing would get done.  Even with that process, some information never gets absorbed.  Granted, this is MY take on information management…your mileage may vary…or you may not be quite the same at hoarding or procrastinating as I am.  🙂

When I say there is SO much valuable content online these days, I mean ideas for anything that may affect the success of my voice over business:  marketing, social media, audio editing, self-promotion, equipment, software, internet trends and lots more.

I realize not as many of you may be married to your online experience as I am, but even so, you’d have to live in a cave not to experience information overload.  Obviously, you have to make spot decisions about what to keep and what to pitch.  For the online articles I choose to keep, I have a bookmarklet built into my browser that lets me painlessly save articles to INSTAPAPER.

There are many other digital tools that do the same thing.  Pocket, for instance, is an equally popular and brainless plug-in or extension.

Stuff goes in the info-repository until I can get back to it for better absorption.  Admittedly, some things never get assimilated until it’s too late…and then I hafta ask if it was that important in the first place.  Either way, I know that if I go to Instapaper on any given day, I will find only the very best content from the web that I know is worth my time to read.

Here is a smattering of stuff I picked up Monday.  I wish I’d written all of these articles MYSELF. But since I didn’t, the next best thing I can do is share it with you, right?

Why PUBLISHING is the 5th ‘P’ OF Marketing

Why To Use Professional Voice Actors in eLearning

26 Creative Tips and Tools for Social Media Marketers

The Essential Toolkit for Working Remotely Anywhere in the World

27+ Words to Avoid for Better Email Communication

See?  This stuff is just too good to throw away!  And if I never get to read this content, I’ve only wasted a few mouse-clicks and a coupla seconds.  In the meantime, I know I’ve got a rich repository of knowledge just waiting for a rainy day.




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