Bridesmaids Again

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soundboard-bThere are likely thousands of full and part-time voice actors.  No one knows the exact number for sure, but regardless, they are all potential purchasers of equipment, devices, parts, know-how, and especially electronics.

You’d think with that kind of a population-base, plenty of vendors would find a way to woo that market.  But the pitch for our dollars is blatantly absent.

Nope.  Instead they advertise to audio engineers, musicians, universities, bands, studios. 

My personal take?  Any smart vendor that woke up for half-a-second and began actively marketing to the sea of individual voice-actors out there would find a loyal following, and commensurate sales.

Until then, we’ll always be the bridesmaid, not the bride.

Perfect example is Electronic Musician.  This periodical is packed with ads, articles, and advice that almost any voice actor could use to their advantage.  But you won’t find even the mention of our business anywhere between the covers.

Still, the online magazine makes for good reading, and the latest version has good advice on some new speakers, the latest compressors, and reviews on some effects software packages.

Here’s a link to that issue.


[P.S. Because FaffCon will likely dominate much of the online voiceover space for the next few days, and because I’m retreating to a quiet place in the CA Redwoods during that time, you may only find bucolic scenery pics of forest and glen on this blog until next week…jus’ sayin’]



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  1. Howard Ellison

    Interesting magazine, Courvo… and it affirms your point with a front page visual of an SM58 being sung into!
    To blow a couple of UK trumpets, Sound on Sound usually does comment on voice rendering and self-noise when it gets mics to review, and the new Aston mics have been handed around to one or two narrators as well as to musicians to create YouTube demos.

    But, time and again, you witness a ‘mic shootout’ with the unfortunate implements stuck in front of guitar cabs wound up to eleven. Useless for our needs!

    Ah well, I need a holiday. Enjoy yours.


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