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How to VOTE for VO

OK, the big mid-term election is over. Now time to focus on the party that matters: the VO Marketplace.

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Too Much…

…smiling …walking ‘n’ standing …back-slapping …hand-shaking …hugging …sharing …talking …And saying goodbyes, to do much more than this minimal blog today. WoVO’s board of directors meets Monday... read more

Overdue WoVOConV Pics

Remember how…er…uh…consuming VO conferences can be? This one too… only more so for people running the thing (ahem). Top left: Shana Pennington-Baird from Seattle. Top right: SAG-AFTRA session Bottom: Talent agents Jeffrey Umberger &... read more

The Old Backyard Maple Tree

No one really knows how old it is…but it was the setting for about every family picture we ever took through the years. Hope you have a safe Halloween! CourVO read more

Are you a Deere or a BMW?

‘Not yet home from my long trek across America and back. It might be the better part of this week before I’m back in Vegas. ‘Just in time for WoVOCon V…and you’re coming, right? You must be a WoVO member to attend, and you can apply on... read more

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