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Why VO Ebb & Flow?

You’re a freelancer with only so much control over work flow. How to maintain your sanity in that environment.

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ipDTL Improvements

What? You think any remote connection service as advanced as ipDTL is gonna sit on their hands? Not a chance. See what you’ve been missing.

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Routine: Ball ‘n’ Chain or Saving Grace?

Rooting Out Routines Shall we agree that a routine is desirable for a successful VO business? Whether it’s daily, weekly, or monthly, the routine assures we’re hitting all the marks in our business plan, yearly goals, and priorities for success. ... read more

Quaint Notion, VO Prospecting

CRACKING CRAIGSLIST Yesterday, I was reading through my Google Alerts, and came across a Craigslist ad placed by a seasoned VO pro. I’ve re-printed most of it for you to see below the line-break. The ad came complete with a graphic, phone #, website address, a... read more


Yes…RADIO The transistor radio was my intro to geekdom. Once I had that wireless, battery-powered plastic ‘n’ metal box in my hands, I was untethered and unalterably transformed. Growing up near St. Louis, I had powerhouse KMOX talk-radio at my... read more

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