For the freelance voice actor, no one issue is more important nor more challenging than buying/building/configuring a home studio….and in the age of COVID, it’s absolutely essential to have a home studio.

You agree?  Good, then you know of what I speak.  I’m not referring to the impressive studios you’ll see in production houses or corporate studios…that’s a different animal.  

Today’s blog concerns the private and/or home studio.

It’s hard for me to discuss this topic without giving a tip of the hat to Dan Lenard, who in my estimation, is one of the foremost authorities on this.  You can find his site here. He has my full recommendation.

But there are many opinions, and worthy perspectives from other directions, and one of them comes from the ProducerHive, which just released it’s first podcast, and it centers on this exact topic.

See the video below for a quality discussion of this material, and visiting their PODCAST page, you’ll find the same session with Soundcloud, Spotify, and Buzzsprout links.



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