Rubber and Road

You think it’s easy over here to just sit back on my blog every day and pontificate about what YOU should be doing with your voiceover business?   Well, actually, putting my admonitions down in words like this — for all the world to see — makes ME... read more

Support the VO Marketplace With These Four Moves

Did you ever think your individual actions could positively influence the very marketplace that drives our business?  No? But you’re convinced your vote will count in the upcoming election, so why would the above line of reasoning not work for you? Let me... read more

How Outsiders View Voice Actors

We get myopic after a while.  Jaded.  We see everything through our own filter. WE know what voice-acting and voiceovers is all about…but does everybody ELSE really get it?  How often do you find yourself explaining to a new client why you’re charging... read more

5 Ways to Get Local Media Coverage of Your VO Business

Your local contacts may lead to the best-paying, longest-lasting, or even most fulfilling jobs in your VO playbook. It depends on the size of your market, of course, but there is a rule of thumb that your VO business — though global — should start locally.... read more

Next WoVOChat: VO Marketing Techniques

No other topic at WoVOCon II captured my interest like this one.  This last weekend, I probably spent 5 hours in 3 separate sessions that had to do with marketing…and I still don’t get it. “Marketing” is like this mysterious black box that... read more

Is Direct Mail Dead?

For some reason, I suffer spammy emails better than spammy mailbox stuffers.  Probably because emails are easier to “86”. Hey!  Maybe that’s why direct mail is not dead! I know you never thought you’d hear this from the #1 apostle for Social... read more

Content Marketing – An Introduction

C’mon admit it;  you’ve seen it out there; the latest buzzword (er…uh…phrase): CONTENT MARKETING. Sometimes I think the people pushing new marketing concepts just keep re-naming the same old paradigms to make you think you’re not keeping... read more

The Key to Choosing KeyWords

There’s that term again:  Keywords.  Everybody throws it around like it’s OBVIOUS what they are, or should be.  Delve into online websites, marketing your VO services, and you’ll see that keywords pop up in many of the SEO and SEM strategies that... read more

The Voice Realm PR Machine

See?  This is the problem with modern journalism.  It has no defenses.  It’s under attack from the NSA, the White House, Bloggers, its own excesses, and PR machines. There never was, and probably never will be a certification for journalism.  We’re all so... read more

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