The New Humble Brag

Why you’re reading this blog I don’t know. By almost any measure of VO success, I’ve failed.  I’m good at writing blogs, though.  Maybe that’s what I should do. Full-time writing. …only That’s even more challenging... read more

Conversational, Part Deux

Just a Given… …That there is a macro key designed into every keyboard used by producers/copywriters/clients/and advertisers that automatically places the phrase: “non-announcery” into the specs for every audition sent out to the masses. My... read more

Merry Christmas!

No getting around it. I’m a Christian, and this is a pretty special time of year for me. I’ll not proselytize, but I will wish you & yours the very best.  If ever during the year, something magical might happen, this is that time of year. Thanks... read more

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