Fighting Fear

Finding inspiration for overcoming freelance fears on the pages of National Geographic.

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I’ll be here…

Enjoy these pics. I’ll be meditating on them myself while I take a couple of days away to recover from a routine medical procedure.

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Let’s FACE It

Everything you do online for your VO business:  Demos, Blogs, Twitter posts, FaceBook updates, profiles, newsletters…even email signatures should have a picture. I used to sit on the fence on this debate…you know…the debate over whether a VO should... read more

The Sin of Shoulda

Shoulda, coulda, woulda. Of these, the worst is “shoulda”.  Should have.  Not “should of”.  (just had to get that off my grammarian’s chest) Why?  Because should is the past tense of “shall” and it... read more

A VO Tale From the Road

Roughly 8 years ago, I began an online conversation with the affable Ed Helvey.  ‘Not sure how or where that happened, but it blossomed. At the time, he was living back East, and like all of us at some time or another was feeling life changes, work changes, and... read more

Then, Now, Soon

Some time last week, I passed the 3,000 mark. 3,000 unique blog articles since October of 2007. Since I’m preparing an all-new website/blogsite, my developer has been bugging me to cut the fat. All that content is slowing down the site, taking up space, and... read more

Lesko’s Legacy

Back before the internet, a wily entrepreneur by the name of Matthew Lesko published a popular book called “INFORMATION USA”. The book as about as thick as the US Census, and Lesko promoted himself by dressing up and dancing around in a red suit with... read more

Your One Job Today

Sure, you have lots of “must-dos” this Wednesday.  Gotta keep the spouse/partner/better-half happy. Brush your teeth.  Make phone calls.  Cut loads of auditions.  Go prospecting for jobs.  Fulfill obligations of all kinds.  Pick up the... read more

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