Existentially, that’s probably at the heart of today’s blog.

But fear has some strong peripherals:

  • Procrastination
  • Diversion
  • Justification
  • Rationalization
  • The making of excuses
  • Avoidance




Because we know ourselves too well, and we’ve been in this place before (or think we have)… we’ve  built up in our minds a YUGE negative around ______________. (fill in the blank).

It could be sending out a newsletter, asking for an agent referral, approaching a past client to re-introduce yourself, fixing your audio chain, or catching up to your online accounting software. 

Whatever mental mountain it is, it is unique to you, and you’ve given it an inappropriate level of control over reason and comon sense.

Mine is a doozie. 


In my case, I’ve given auditioning too much power as something that is not worthwhile  (esp with online casting sites), and I will think of ANY seemingly cogent excuse NOT to get that audition out.

How stupid!

If I run the numbers, I know…I mean I KNOW auditioning is the source of some of my best clients.  So why would I hesitate? 


I mean, I will eventually get it done, because I have to…but probably only after 73 other great talent have already submitted THEIR excellent audition.  

I’m my own worst enemy, shooting myself in the foot!  Over nothing!  It takes, what?…5 minutes to do that doggone audition?

The key is not so much willpower as it is figuring out why we hate doing it in the first place.  Or maybe making a game of it.  Set a stopwatch…how long will it REALLY take to do that thing that you were convinced was the biggest hassle in the world?  Probably a coupla minutes…right?

So get busy, and get over yourself.

It makes no sense to be your own biggest stumbling block!










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