We all need a place to ruminate, share our thoughts, clear our minds and learn from each other. This is one of those places where I can do that and learn from the great insights of my fellow voice over friends and visitors from all walks of life.

The Buck Stops….Where?

Look out…this is a “heavy” blog. You may not have the stomach for it. It may offend. Or not. Either way, this is where I’m drawing the line.

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Memorial Day is not “Happy”. It’s solemn…respectful.

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Your Brain on Voiceover

…more like voice “under”. The voice always accompanies the other action, and therein lies the root of our problem.

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The Sin of Shoulda

Shoulda, coulda, woulda. Of these, the worst is “shoulda”.  Should have.  Not “should of”.  (just had to get that off my grammarian’s chest) Why?  Because should is the past tense of “shall” and it... read more

The New Humble Brag

Why you’re reading this blog I don’t know. By almost any measure of VO success, I’ve failed.  I’m good at writing blogs, though.  Maybe that’s what I should do. Full-time writing. …only That’s even more challenging... read more

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