Are you groaning from the weight of it yet?

The TON of knowledge, help, counsel, information, opinion, tips, guides and advice coming from EVERY direction?

Thanks, internet.

Thanks for giving us more than we can handle.  Now we don’t know which way to turn.

The $64,000 question I keep hearing is “where can I find clients?”.  The people NOT asking that question are the ones who take what the P2P’s give ’em.  I’m not judging, but it does remove the headache of marketing.  

That’s bad.  One should not think of it as a headache.  It should be joyful.  A challenge. Your JOB.

So what is it for you?  Postcards?  Social Media?  An email list?  Swag? Cold calls?  That’s where the weight comes in.  The preponderance of marketing “gurus” happy to have you buy into their “plan”.  That and the boatload of data they claim to have that their plan is the undisputed best.

Maybe it is.  For them.

DOES YOUR MARKETING FIT WITH YOUR PERSONALITY? Do you have those skills? Is it compatible with your style of work? Click To Tweet

Below, I’ve included an infographic about email marketing.  There’s a huge segment of marketing/sales that believes in the power of email.  It worked for them.  Will it work for you?

Here’s the central question you need to ask yourself when you see the next come-on from marketing gurus with a VO multi-level marketing scheme that’s “can’t miss”:

DOES IT FIT WITH YOUR PERSONALITY? Do you have those skills?  Is it compatible with your style of work?

If not…not matter how successful it was for them, it will be for you a square peg in a round hole.  You may come through with a victory or two, but…meh.

What does work for you?

Only YOU know that.  Trial and error.  Knowing your strengths and limits. How do you work?  Where are your successes? What do other people notice are your strengths?  Have you failed at something enough to know what DOESN’T work?  That’s pretty important.

What is YOUR best marketing plan?  The one you devise for yourself.






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