Change and You

All those timeless adages about change being the only constant, change is the only thing more certain than death ‘n’ taxes?…it’s all true. We know this, and yet we seem to like complacency, procrastination, and the safety of familiarity.

That’s OK for a while…some changes are slow in coming but lately, not so much. Hence the obsession this time of year on “New Year’s Resolutions”, and the focus on ROI (return on investment).  All good really, but is it deep enough, or just a bandaid?


Funny thing is…you know.  You KNOW when it’s time for change.  Heck, I’ve known there should be changes in this blog since I last wrote ‘The Scary Thing About Change…

VO Business Changes

If you followed that link, and you saw the changes I wrote about in our business, then check out the article, Revenues Drain from Cab/Sat Networks… it’s even more revealing of the pace of change in the sweet-spot of the voice-over world for decades: broadcasting/cable.

So what’s ahead for this blog:

  1. A greater focus on a target audience that hires voice actors, and a lesser focus on fellow voice-actors.  I’m going to write to the people who hire us, and not so much US.
  2. More links, more SEO-centered and designed articles.  I’m going for a higher ranking, which is all part of a master plan to grow my website’s traffic.
  3. A release in print and audio of all the best of my blog material since 2014 when I last published: More Than Just a Voice: The REAL Secret of VoiceOver Success.  This will be an all-digital product that will be available only here.  No traditional publishing, no self-publishing through Amazon channels…just here on my website.  I’ll price it modestly.
  4. More multi-media.  Video.  Audio. Graphics.  Cinemagraphs.  GIFs.  Transcriptions of video recordings.  Creative use of all of the above. Growth of my YouTube Channel. Adaptability.
  5. No podcasts.  I just can’t, ’cause I don’t listen to them. So I’m not going to join the ranks.  You want a good Voice Over podcast, VO School Podcast By Jamie Muffett.
  6. Greater Social Media exposure.  Yeah.  Even more than now.  I’ve been slacking lately, and I now need to be more intentional about LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter etal. Agility.
  7. Repurposing, linking and repackaging of 10 years of great evergreen content.  You’ll see it everywhere through Missinglettr a great tool, enabling us to grow blogs the right way with clever social campaigns for companies that blog.

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Don’t Worry…

I’m not going to forget readership loyalty that I’ve tried so hard to build over the years.  I appreciate you, and I’m hoping the new Voice-Seeker-Focused blog articles you read here will be worthy of your links, retweets, and sharing.

Sheesh, I guess I just wrote my New Year’s Resolutions…or at least a manifesto that amounts to a 2019 business plan, right?

What will be your focus on changing with the changes?




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