‘Gone from my home studio for 3 weeks…driving across America and back…and this is what greets me in my mail that piled up while I was gone (see pic at left).

50 pounds of oversized, slick, glossy, defaming and damning political flyers!  (OK, maybe 20 pounds)

Oh, how I wish I owned a printing company (or a TV station) for the last month…I’m sure they all made a killing.

I’m not aware of any voice actors who use direct mailings like this to any successful effect (if you do, let us know), but I think for the time being, since ALL of us across America are sick to death of this crap in our mailbox – especially oversized, slick, glossy flyers – it might be time to think of other marketing media.

Or maybe you can turn it around, and make it work for you. 

That’s the thing after all… to find them marketing techniques that work best for your personality,  your skillset, your budget, and your style of creativity.

I’m still searching for my perfect marketing scheme, and along the way with failures here ‘n’ there,  I’m constantly finding my way to new successes.

How ’bout you?





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