….and the Dominoes Start to Fall

All the signs are there. Voice actors – today – are living through a seminal moment in our business. At some point you will likely have to make an important decision which position you will take. Here’s why.

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Every generation feels they’re in the middle of a sea change…or not. Some don’t see it. This one is like getting smacked in the face with a cold Mackerel.

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What Are You Going To Do With It?

You know…. all that energy, knowledge, drive and relationship-building that you garnered when you walked out of the Atlanta Airport Marriott?  (those of you who didn’t go…substitute your inspiration from the last VO conference you went to)... read more

The Great Divide

In the starry voiceover galaxy, there’s Los Angeles, and then there’s everything else. Don’t ask for hard data. I have none.  But seriously, can anyone miss this truism? Not even mighty New York City comes close… it’s a distant... read more

Gender Preference in VO

You’ve seen the audition requests for “African American Male”…or “British Dialect Female”.  Maybe the directions said “young urban sound”, or “gravely mature cowboy”. So far, though, I haven’t... read more

Is The Internet Disruption of VO Complete?

Not nearly. Here’s why:  The really great-paying jobs still require you to live in NYC or LA. (with some notable exceptions). The good news:  Enterprising freelance VO’s from Gainesville, FL to Port Angeles, Washington are making a good... read more

“Bunny” is Dead

Why oh why did Alex Torrenegra even invent VoiceBunny in the first place? Was not successful enough?  Was he not making enough off the backs of earnest voice actors with his zany smartcast algorithms? OK, let’s not get into that.  He had... read more