The quest for a killer demo, a righteous website, and a gripping brand can consume you.

…consume you to the point that you feel you can do nothing else until you have these elements in place.

So what do you do?   You talk to friends.  You see the counsel of trusted professionals.  You “pick their brain”, and ask for sage advice.

You send your materials to 10 undeniable experts, and to your sinking suspicions, you get 10 different opinions.

Oh sure, there might be some common themes among the reactions; and in truth, there are nearly universal rules that govern branding, websites, and demos, but once those are agreed on, the sheer number of nuances left in the balance of opinion is maddening.

There’s a worthy saying that claims:  “…that’s OK, you just go on ahead there being a perfectionist – waiting to launch –  while we’re over here forging ahead with failure and growth…” (paraphrased)

Ultimately, YOU are in charge of your brand, your website, and your demos.  Absolutely get professional assistance.  Find a producer for that bad-boy :59 commercial demo.  Hire a developer for a gripping website, and spend some decent bucks on branding identity.  But…. look over their shoulder the whole way.

YOU decide what elements go where on that demo.  YOU decide the appeal of your home page, and the overall philosophy of your brand is YOURS to lay out there (according to your business plan…right?)

Sometimes sticking to the too tried, and too true gets you smack in the middle of mediocrity and an image that sounds and looks like everyone else’s.

Risk a little risk.  


Dust yourself off, and try again.  But don’t suffer the embarrassment of soul-zapping sameness.




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