LinkedIn Lament

Google+ is all but a memory now.  Facebook can’t seem to stop shooting itself in the foot.  YouTube is dying on the vine trying to figure out what is hate and non-hate, and Twitter…well, Twitter is Twitter.

Which leaves LinkedIn…where?

I’ve always referred to LI as the more serious of the Social Media siblings.  It’s business-minded.  No fluff.  No cat memes, and political polarity is at a minimum.

But since Microsoft bought the platform back in 2016, what EXACTLY has changed? 

LinkedIn Pros/Cons

A cursory review tells me LI is a powerhouse online: 

  • 575+ million users
  • 260-million active monthly users
  • 70% of users are outside the USA
  • 277% more effective generating leads than FB & Twitter

[see Mind-blowing Linkedin Statistics & Facts 2019 for more]

Voice actors love LinkedIn for doing market research, finding names, generating relationships and general prospecting.  (See my friend Tracy Lindley’s site: The LinkedIn Edge).

Compared to the craziness of FB, LinkedIn is practically buttoned-up!

However, since spending 26-Billion on the platform, Microsoft has been big on promises and short on delivering.  About all you can assert with any surety is that MS has not screwed things up.

Some analysis from other sites:

LinkedIn Struggling to Connect with Users and Post New Growth

The Endgame for LinkedIn is Coming

I worry that the platform will fall to the vagaries of today's volatile culture and/or corporate mismanagement. Click To Tweet

I’ve been on LinkedIn for over a decade.  To meet most of my 30,000 connections, I’d have to travel to Mumbai.  When I search LI, this is what I see in Job titles:  

Recruitment consultant
Senior Executive Recruiter
Talent Strategist
Executive Search Consultants
Executive Leadership Recruiter
People Strategist
Senior Recruiter
Senior Recruitment Consultant
Talent Acquisition Director
Senior Scrum Master
Logical Acquisitions
Senior Corporate Recruiter
Senior Talent Acquisition Professional
Professional Recruiter
Executive Financial Recruitment
Global Strategic Talent Consultant
Global Sales Recruitment
Recruitment Consultant
Senior Manager/Talent Acquisition
Talent Acquisition
Technical Recruiting Director
Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist
Executive Search Recruiter
Talent Acquisition Executive
Recruiting Solutions
Talent Acquisition Manager
Executive Recruiter
Director of Recruitment
Executive Recruiter
Senior Executive Talent Acquisition Partner
Head of Recruiting
Talent Sourcing

How come they’re not recruiting me? 

I’m talent.

I can help fill a need.

I’ll tell you one thing.  I’d love to spend a week with any of these executive recruiters to see the power of networking and relationship.

Otherwise, I’m not sure where this is all going.  I like and use LI, but I worry that the platform, too, will fall to the vagaries of today’s volatile culture and/or corporate mismanagement.

Convince me I’m wrong.




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