Conversational, Part Deux

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Just a Given…

…That there is a macro key designed into every keyboard used by producers/copywriters/clients/and advertisers that automatically places the phrase: “non-announcery” into the specs for every audition sent out to the masses.

My blog Monday about about conversational reads touched a nerve with many.  But hey!…we’re just the talent, what do we know?


We know plenty, cause we see plenty (with apologies to the Farmer’s Ins. commercial).  We’ve seen hopeful copy, different copy, good copy, bad copy, and horrible copy to a much greater extent than most writers…and as voice actors we’re supposed to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear (that’s a rural euphemism meaning to make the best out of a bad situation).

I’m not kidding.

Daily Proof

Here’s the actual direction gleaned from a real audition sent to me yesterday:

“…Authoritative, gravitas, non-announcer-like
Energetic, enthusiastic reads without going over the top…”

Can you imagine a less-conflicted direction?  I can’t.

Paying me a freelance wage for your crappy copy should also mean you'll pay me some respect for my experience and talent. Click To Tweet

But wait!…there’s more!

In a live-directed phone-patch session that same day, a self-important  producer, showing off for the end-client (also on the call) kept handing out some real gems (paraphrased):


“…it’s gotta be bold, but not over the top…not salesly, but forceful.  You’re just stating the facts, but you’re in a conversation with your friend…”

and…(the infamous)


“…that was perfect…now do one more…”


Does it ever dawn on any of these people that we’re not chattel?  Paying me a freelance wage for your crappy copy should also mean you’ll pay me some respect for my experience and talent.


OK, I’ll stop hammering away on this topic (for a while).  Directors gotta do what directors gotta do.  I just wish they’d let us do what we do best.




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