podcastThere are a lot of reasons people Podcast, but probably the biggest, is that it WORKS!  It works especially well as a marketing tool…or in today’s parlance: a content marketing tool.  In the process — much like blogging — you learn a lot, and you earn a lot of good will in your professional community.

I keep repurposing this article, because the interest in Podcasting is exploding…so this blog will continually be updated with some new resources. 
If you EVER wanted to get into podcasting, I think you just might find your answers below.


|AUTHOR NOTE 2-21-22:  Excellent article on the equipment needed to start podcasting |

|author note 6-6-2021 Great resource for online podcast editing and transcription: Type Studio.|

|author note 2-8-2021:  You’ll love this new podcasting resource and website on making a profitable business online|

|author note 4-28-2020:  a link to more recent article:  33 Podcasters Share Their Journeys|


Why podcasting for business?

1. Is Podcasting the Most Underrated Content Marketing Tactic?
In this podcast episode and article, NMX Speaker Jay Baer interviews Bob Knorpp to discuss how he got started in podcasting back when it was unpopular, how he has achieved such success with a simple podcasting model, and why podcasting continues to be one of the best ways to build an audience with content.

2. How one veteran’s Podcast Built a Million-Dollar Business
NMX Speaker John Lee Dumas had a big idea. His Entrepreneur On Fire Podcast is now a daily podcast success. His story will inspire you! (scroll down for a link to John Lee Dumas’s “Podcast Launch” guide)

3. Top 10 reasons why you should start your own show now
In this podcast and article summary, startup entrepreneur Marv de Leon looks at tech and social trends to highlight the reasons for starting your own podcast.

4. Why Podcasting is Becoming Better than Blogging for Building Trust, Engagement, and Loyalty
In this outstanding article, NMX Speaker Marcus Sheridan discusses the power of connecting with your target market through their listening to, rather than just reading, you. He demonstrates the superior power of podcasting to increase loyalty, engagement and connection.

Getting started with your own podcast

5. Podcasting for Beginners
Kevan Lee is the content creator for Buffer. His article is the perfect introduction to podcasting for beginners.

6. Pat Flynn’s Complete Step-by-Step Podcasting Tutorial
NMX Speaker Pat Flynn’s podcasting tutorial is one of the best!

7. Cliff Ravenscraft’s “Learn How to Podcast 101” tutorial 
NMX Speaker Cliff Ravenscraft has a must-read podcasting tutorial.

8. John Lee Dumas’s free guide (15 page pdf + videos) ”Podcast Launch” -> Updated – Multiple Free Resources
NMX Speaker John Lee Dumas’s guide will help you get on track today! (Look for the “Podcast Launch” link under Podcasting.)

Podcasting Up-Close: Interviewing Guests
9. Fabulous Podcast Interview Tips
NMX Speaker Dave Jackson’s insights on interviews will help you avoid a lot of newbie mistakes.

10. Creating Podcasts with Google Hangouts Interviews
Successful content creator and podcaster Ryan Hanley shows you how to use google hangouts on air tocreate fabulous audience-interactive interviews for your podcast.

Powerful Podcasting Advice

11. 6 Points for a Proven Podcasting Workflow
How do you podcast from nothing to a finished, publicized episode? Here are six main steps with key implementations to make a podcasting workflow like the professionals! Award-winning podcaster Daniel J. Lewis has a proven podcasting workflow you can use to streamline the podcast creation process.

12. 5 reasons to keep your podcast file sizes small
Podcaster and tech genius Derick Bailey demystifies podcast file sizes so that you’re confident of the product you are producing…that it sounds good, loads quickly and doesn’t take up too much data for your listeners. This quick article is a must-read for podcast producers. 

13. Growing your audience and marketing your podcast
We close this week’s newsletter with Cliff Ravenscraft’s recent podcast and article shares 26 tips to help you grow your podcast audience. Enjoy!
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