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mikelenzMost all of my uber-talented, seasoned, and generous peers in voiceover land will share their experience freely if you just ask.

Mike Lenz asked…he asked a lot of people, including me.

Mike and I recorded one of his many podcasts a week ago, but it’s just today being released.

…and I’m only the latest in a long and respected line of interview subjects including Bob Souer, Rodney Saulsberry, Melissa Exelberth, Dan Friedman, Harlan Hogan, Tom Dheere, Lauren McCullough and others… and THAT’S where the free education comes in.

I would take a class (have taken a class) from any one of those people….and in this list is a sample of their wisdom for the price of a free download.

Mike is an enterprising, savvy, and passionate convert to voiceover.  You can read about his background (he’s an ex-mayor), and his walk into voice acting on his website.

To hear the podcasts with VO luminaries…go to the following URL….my link is currently at the top of the list.


As I’ve stated many times here before, I’m not a fan of the podcast medium, and I’m even less of a fan of Apple, or  iTunes, so it’s not likely I’ll ever hear this interview.  Gee, I hope I said something worthwhile!

Drop me a line, and let me know how it sounded, willya?




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