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by | Jul 16, 2014 | Podcasts

Vox_Talk_Logo_300Podcasting is here to stay… stronger than ever in most sectors.  At the last New Media Expo I attended, podcasters dominated the sessions…even garnering the attention of the audiobook community.

That may be part of the reason Voices.com decided to bring back their podcasting program VOX Talk.  It was a very popular part of the VO community beginning weeky in 2007, running for two years and 61 episodes.  A good many voice-actors have worked to fill the gap since then; John Melley, Rebecca Michaels Haugh, and the pairing of Terry Daniel/Trish Basanyi to name a few.

You can access the archives of that original series.  You’ll see plenty of  names you recognize, and much of the content still holds value.

I asked Voices.com, “Why now?”, and Stephanie Ciccarelli, who co-founded Voices.com, told me:  “There are seasons in life where you have to take a step back. For a time, that’s exactly what I did as a wife and mother raising four small children while supporting my husband and co-founder, David, as we continued to grow our business. That said, the time has come to rejoin the conversation through the spoken word, something I missed doing and thoroughly enjoyed.  We can all identify with the need to be in community. That’s why we are reaching out again with renewed purpose. VOX Talk is about community; it’s about staying connected and presenting meaningful content that when shared, draws our industry together.

VOX Talk is a great way to be heard by the vast Voices.com clientele, both producers and talent. Each segment runs 8-10 minutes and the show has four segments:  The Loop, The Biz, Tech Talk, and the VOX Box.

If you have a VO-related topic you think would be good for VOX Talk, contributors can submit to segments including “The Biz,” “Tech Talk” and audio feedback that can be aired in “The VOX Box”. Talent can send in ideas for news stories to be covered in “The Loop”.  Just be sure to send a 192kbps .mp3 file to [email protected]

Here are some other valuable VOX Talk links to keep in mind.

VOX Talk FaceBook Page.

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So…maybe I’ll be hearing you on VOX  Talk?




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